#21 M&A in the Time of COVID-19

In this week’s episode, Michael Brown, co-editor of The Deal, and veteran financial reporter Charlie Paikert discuss the pandemic’s impact on corporate mergers and acquisitions. TRANSCRIPT Jeffrey Freedman: Hello and welcome to the RP HealthCast... Read More
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Jeffrey Freedman
Jeffrey Freedman

Jeffrey Freedman is a Managing Director at RooneyPartners and leads the firm’s Medical Communications Practice.

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RP HealthCast is a podcast series with top-tier journalists interviewed on topics relating to the coronavirus.

For years, RP has been a consistent supporter of journalism organizations. But the daily assault on a free press compelled us to do more. We believe it essential to spotlight good journalism by giving the mic to great journalists to recount their stories and to editors and broadcast producers to discuss workflow during the pandemic. Giving a human voice to great journalism and journalists is our way of supporting a free press, turn a few heads and, hopefully, influence a few minds.